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6000 Square Feet, 8 Game Themes, 32 Rooms, across 2 Outlets at City Center! Xcape Singapore has proudly hosted over 5000 Groups with more than 40,000 players to date. As one of the most popular City Attraction, Xcape Singapore has been featured by multiple media included The Straits Times, Channel U, 联合早报, 933 Radio, My Paper, & 联合晚报!
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Xcape Singapore is Singapore's FIRST 5D Real Room Escape Game. Real Escape Game originates from Japan and is a game translated from virtual (online games) to reality. This game requires you and your team to solve mysteries and clues within a time limit to escape from a room... Read More >>

Whisper of The Dead

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There were many myths and legends about the old mansion. Some say the invaluable treasures and antique inside were guarded by the creatures of the night, but no one has ever seen them. Can you survive the test set up by Dr. Hachi and reveal the truth? Or will you be consumed by the endless darkness and horror?

Difficulty Level:

Fear Factor: :

Recommended Team Size: 4 - 8 Persons

Maximum Capacity: 9 Persons

Special Notes: Be warned, some secrets can only be kept by the dead.

Skills Set: Observant, Courage, Eyes for details

Vampire Diary -  Xcape Singapore Real Room Escape Games  Bugis Village Season 2

Vampire Diary

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In order to return a favor to Salvatore, Dr. Hachi has assigned you the mission to penetrate the place that is rumored to be Dracula’s castle. By “cooperating” with the supernatural creatures, you could overcome the perilous traps and hurdles to retrieve the one and only cure for the supernatural beings to become “normal”. The story of immortal being, blood thirsty soul, and the curse of darkness, may be more than just an ancient legend……

Difficulty Level:

Thrill Factor: :

Recommended Team Size: 4 - 8 Persons

Maximum Capacity: 10 Persons

Special Notes: Sometimes the closest friends may hurt you the most.

Skills Set: Strategic Planning, Crisis Management and Team Work.