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Shanghai 1943 (Xcape RPG)

Shanghai 1943 -  Murder Mystery Role Playing Investigation Game Xcape Singapore Who is the murderer Real Room Escape RPG


Shanghai 1943 (RPG) 120 Mins

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In 1943, The Paramount flourished, bringing about an unprecedented golden age in Shanghai night club scene. The sun is setting, and breaking news emerged. The Paramount’s top singer, Red Rose, was found dead in her personal dressing room. There were signs that she was strangled… Behind all the glamour and bright neon lights, chilling dark secrets are waiting to be uncovered: Who’s The Murderer?

Fun Element:

Difficulty Level:

Recommended Team Size: 6 – 7 Persons

Maximum Capacity: 10 Persons

Age restriction:  16 years old and above

Special Notes: This is a murder mystery interactive role-playing investigation game. Against the backdrop of Shanghai in the 40s, players will cosplay as detectives, wealthy night club owner, army marshal, night club singer, reporter and servant. You will have double space, double time as compare to our standard escape game. Dressing rooms and a selection of more than 200 costumes & accessories will be provided

Skills Set: Communication skills, logical thinking, eyes for details, acting skills