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Whispers of The Dead Escape Game

Whisper of The Dead (Season 1+)

Off-Screen in Singapore

There were many myths and legends about the old mansion. Some say the invaluable treasures and antique inside were guarded by the creatures of the night, but no one has ever seen them. Can you survive the test set up by Dr. Hachi and reveal the truth? Or will you be consumed by the endless darkness and horror?

Difficulty Level:

Thrill Factor:

Recommended Team Size: 4 – 6 Persons

Maximum Capacity: 9 Persons

Age Limit: 14 years old or above. Players below 14 years old must be accompanied by paying adult of at least 18 years old.

Special Notes: Be warned, some secrets can only be kept by the dead.

Skills Set: Observant, Courage, Eyes for details