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Confussion (Haunted)

Confession -  Xcape Singapore Real Room Escape Games  Bugis Village Xcape Horror

Confession (Haunted) 75 Mins

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AKIKO, a mysterious girl at school. She didn’t have many friends in class because of her quiet nature. Suddenly, this girl committed suicide in the school restroom. No one knows why Akiko did it.

Just 7 days after Akiko’s passing, you received a love letter from her out of the blue. The letter invited you to meet at the school at midnight, as she wanted to confess her feelings to you. You were initially angry, not knowing who was playing a trick on you. But on the other hand, you were afraid that it could really be Akiko’s ghost haunting you. Therefore, you arranged to meet a group of friends at the school tonight.

All of you arrived at school and gathered in the classroom, but the time had yet to come. Suddenly, you were overcome by an unexpected drowsiness. When you woke up again, you found yourselves tied to your seats, and the late-night confession has officially begun…

Difficulty Level:

Thrill Factor:

Recommended Team Size: 4 – 6 Persons

Maximum Capacity: 7 Persons

Age Limit: 14 years old or above. Players below 14 years old must be accompanied by paying adult of at least 18 years old.