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Not to worry if you are in charge of organizing a company team bonding event! Xcape is here to make your task hassle free and completed with pride!

Most companies hold their events in our Xcape premises in Bugis Village. This is very efficient and would allow the players to experience carefully designed game environment and props that would surprise them at every turn!

On the other hand, if you are interested in bringing the games to designated places, or if you are in need of more scalable or customized games to accommodate a large group of 100 or even 10000 people, the Xcape Go Game that combines patented technology with our awesome game design expertise would create the best team building experience for you and colleague!

About Xcape Go Game

Xcape Go Game is smartphone-enabled city escape game with elements of The Running Man, Amazing Race and America’s Got Talent. The teams will go through a series of challenges including:

  • Location-Based Puzzles
  • Fun, Challenging Trivia
  • Head-to-Head Interteams
  • Actor or Plant Interactions
  • Creative Photo/Video Missions

This combination of challenges breaks down barriers between players, creates strong team identification, and puts players in a state of “flow” where they can tap into their innate motivation to succeed. These team bonding adventures are designed to get teams to tap into a wide variety of skills including creativity, communication, problem solving, and time management.

The Go Game has been played by thousands of companies in cities, parks, hotels and conference centers around the world. From executives at Google to sales folks at Johnson & Johnson, we have a proven recipe for fun and team building.
The Go Game Client List

No matter what your requirements are, we will be here to meet them. Contact us for a quote.