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House Rules

Game Objective: To find and solve all mysteries/clues in order to escape the room in 60 min.

1. Please arrive at the reception at least 15 minutes earlier than your session starting time. If you are late for the session, you would be entitled to the remaining time of the session, without any extension.

2. Number of participants for each room is 4 to 8 pax. The game master may combine teams of participants if the maximum number of participants for that room is not reached. It is highly recommended that you bring along at least a friend to join other teams’ session.

3. All personal belongings should be kept in the designated locker. Mobile phones, cameras, laptops, tablets, recorders, paper, pencils, pens, keys, flashlights, food and drinks (list is not exhaustive) are strictly not permissible. There will be security check before entering the rooms.

4. Things that are marked with are out of bound and do not contain any clues. Do not waste your time on these. Remember, you only have an hour to escape!

5. Please use the props with care. All you have to do is to carefully observe and uncover the clues or information on it. If there is no useful information derived from that particular prop,please move on to the next as the said prop may be designated for the next stage. If you cause damage on the prop, you may faced with extreme difficulties when the prop is to come to use later. Remember: Violent participants are not going to be able to escape!

6. There are 2 “Xcape Token” in every room. You may wave the token towards CCTV camera in the room and use 2 “X Token” to exchange for a helpful hint from the game master. Remember: only one question is permissible with 2 “Xcape Token”.

7. For your own safety, please do not bring any dangerous items into the rooms. The rooms are locked and it may be disastrous if you accidentally bring in any flammable, explosive or sharp items. In case of emergency, there is a key behind the sign at the entrance of each room.