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Joker (Haunted)

Joker -  Xcape Singapore Real Room Escape Games  Bugis Village Xcape Horror

Joker (Haunted) 75 Mins

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This is a cursed town, sparsely populated, and with numerous unexplainable disappearances every year.
Legend has it that inside the abandoned ancient house lives a cursed, human devouring clown that consumes human’s fears to empower itself. It is said that at night, eerie music that resembles a circus performance can be heard from the house. The sounds of clowns laughing especially send shivers down one’s spine.
The townsfolk are tormented all year round, so your group has decided to risk your lives to venture into the ancient house and break the curse. You discovered a dried-up well that mysteriously leads to the old house. As you venture inside together, little do you know that you have entered a deadly carnival…

Difficulty Level:

Thrill Factor:

Recommended Team Size: 4 – 7 Persons

Maximum Capacity: 8 Persons

Age Limit: 14 years old or above. Players below 14 years old must be accompanied by paying adult of at least 18 years old.