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Shutter Island (Season 3)

Annabelle -  Xcape Singapore Real Room Escape Games  Bugis Village Xcape Horror

Shutter Island (Season 3) 90 Mins

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Waking up not knowing who you are in an unknown place is a scary thought. What if it couples with a patrolling mad doctor (or whoever he is!) Will you be able to rise to the challenges of finding your identity, differentiating friends from foes, and getting out from that facility?

Difficulty Level:

Thrill Factor:

Recommended Team Size: 6 – 8 Persons

Maximum Capacity: 9 Persons

Age Limit: 14 years old or above. Players below 14 years old must be accompanied by paying adult of at least 18 years old.

Special Notes: This is a thrilling game with a planted Xcape actor to keep you on your toes. Being one of the largest games in Xcape, it exhibits multiple parallel game plot that players will be playing different characters and exposed to different missions. There are so many possibilities that will ensure a heated and exciting discussion after your game!

Skills Set: Team Work, Calm, Courage