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Terms and Conditions

* Please make sure you can make it for the sessions you booked for or make necessary changes 24 hours before the game starts. Any booking with no-show will result in being black listed

I acknowledge that all interpretations of the “House Rules” as attached shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of Xcape Singapore.

I agree that all game details of Xcape Singapore are Trade Secrets that are protected by Intellectual Property Laws, and I shall keep any information obtained confidential. No use, copy, distribution, public display or creation of any derivative work thereof is permitted. Xcape Singapore reserves all rights to take legal actions against any infringement.

Non-compete: I agree that I shall not directly or indirectly, for my own benefit or for or with any person, firm or corporation whatsoever other than Xcape Singapore, engage in any business that directly involves Real Escape Games and that competes with Xcape Singapore, within 24 months.

I understand that Real Escape Games are not recommended to expectant mothers, and those with heart conditions, hypertension, claustrophobia or similar conditions. I also understand that I have to abide by the “House Rules” as attached for my own safety. I agree not to hold Xcape Singapore and/or its directors and/or employees liable for any injury, death, damage, loss or inconvenience arising from any accident.

I agree to use the facilities in Xcape Singapore with care. Xcape Singapore reserves all rights to seek indemnification should there is any deliberate attempt to cause damage of the tools, equipments and layout. I also understand that Xcape Singapore may terminate the game at any time should any of the participants declined to abide by the “House Rules” or follow the instructions of Xcape Singapore employees. There will be no refund of fees, full or partial, allowed.

Children below 12 years old must be accompanied by paying adult(s).