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Busan Express (Season 3)

Train to Busan  -  Xcape Singapore Real Room Escape Games  Bugis Village Xcape

Busan Express (Season 3) 60 Mins

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In 2040, a mysterious virus spread across the world. Everyone infected by the virus turned into bloodthirsty zombies. You are one of the selected groups of lucky citizens to be transported to the Busan quarantine zone.
Welcome aboard the Busan Express. Will your life be saved?

Difficulty Level:

Thrill Factor:

Recommended Team Size: 4 – 5 persons

Maximum Capacity: 7 Persons

Age Limit:  14 years old or above. Players below 14 years old must be accompanied by paying adult of at least 18 years old.

Special Notes:  A must play for zombie/walking dead lovers! Only the most observant could spot the plot twist… Watch where you are heading to!

Skills Set:  Observant, Abstract thinking, Connecting the dots