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Game Guide

Are there games for couple?

The difficulty level and ambience of both Upside Down and Mission X – Love Confession would be ideal for couples.

Are there games for children?

Yes! Children will enjoy the games in Xcape Funtasy series, namely Kung Fu Panda X: Revenge of Tai Lung and Mission X – Love Confession. Upside Down could be an ideal option too if they like Harry Potter.

I like the satisfaction of unlocking door after door; which games have multiple rooms?

Our room sizes are one of the biggest in the industry in Singapore. With the exception of Upside Down, all our other games have multiple room compartments.

We have played many escape games before. What games will be suitable for us?

For more experienced players who would like a challenge, you would enjoy our Season 2 games, i.e. Resident Evil, Tomb Raider and Vampire Diary! If you like automated room, the room with most technology gadgets is Kung Fu Panda X. If you want great sound and lighting effects, Xcape Haunted series (Annabelle and The Morgue) creates very immersive ambiance.

We are beginners. What games should we play?

In general, it is recommended that you start with the games in Xcape Funtasy (Mission X- Love Confession and Kung Fu Panda X) and Xcape Season 1+ series (Whisper of the Dead and Chamber of Secrets), which are less challenging than Xcape Season 2 games, but equally fun! If you are into scary games, do feel free to start with The Morgue and Annabelle.

Which games are recommended for large group of players?

Tomb Raider, Resident Evil and Chamber of secret are recommended for team up to 10 Pax.

Which games are the most popular?

All games are fun in Xcape Singapore! If you have not tried any game before, you may try our classic Season 1+ games: Chamber of Secrets and Whisper of the Dead. They were brought back by popular demand after we launched Season 2. And it is expected that these games will be replaced soon. Enjoy while you can!

I don’t know what to expect. Is it very scary? I am scared!!!

Xcape games are designed for different experience. Think of us like movie producers, we have thrillers and also comedies. In general, all games are not really scary, except for Xcape Haunted series (Annabelle and The Morgue). For players who want zero thrilling factor, Xcape Funtasy series and Upside Down are your ideal choices!

I want thrillers! The spookier the better! Which one is the scariest escape game?

Xcape Haunted series (Annabelle and The Morgue) is created for adrenaline junkies! They are really spooky, you have been warned. The ambience and props are top notch and meant to bring immersive haunted house experience to a whole new level! You may also try out Tomb Raider, which is less terrifying.

Can we not combine with other groups?

If you have less than 7 players, it is possible that you would have to combine. Having said that, we do try not to combine groups in Xcape games. If there is another game room available, we will allow you to change the game so that you could have the whole room to your group. Just talk to our friendly game masters!

If I have made a booking for seven players yet only four turned up, how much should I pay?

While we try to accommodate customers as much as we can, it is sometimes being abused when small groups did fake bookings so that they do not have to combine. So it is recommended that you call in/email at least 8 hours ahead of your game session to inform us on the change in booking details. If not, we may charge based on the number of players in the booking, but issue equivalent number of free xcaper game pass as the number of absentees. Fair, right? ;)

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